• Revolutionize your manufacturing process with Qity MES

    Qity MES is a lightweight Manufacturing Execution System for Small and Medium Enterprises.

    Go paperless, reduce human error, enable automation, streamline quality processes and boost efficiency.

  • Strengths

    Go Paperless

    100% paperless work instructions, data entry, and manufacturing records can help your operation achieve unprecedented efficiency.

    The availability of real-time data enables quicker decision-making, which is pivotal in enhancing productivity and reducing lead times.

    Reduce Human Error

    Qity MES reduces data input errors and enforces adherence to the latest released work instructions, eliminating deviations and ensuring a consistent and high-quality manufacturing process.

    Lightweight and Scalable

    Qity MES brings the features of high volume manufacturing lines to SME’s and can be installed in a matter of days.


    From prototyping to mass production, start with a manual process, and add automation as the process matures.

    Real-time Monitoring and Process Optimization

    Monitor units and lots on a real-time dashboard as they move through the manufacturing line.

    Boost efficiency by tracking Key Performance Indicators and statistics, identify structural problems and bottlenecks.

    Automation Made Easy

    Each workstation directly interfaces with manufacturing equipment and instruments through Change Controlled automation scripts:

    • Interface with power supplies, oscilloscopes, vision systems, label printers, and more
    • Generate, print, laser and scan bar codes and QR codes
    • Read RFID tags
    • Program Micro-Controllers, flash and EEPROM
    • Calibrate and Configure devices
    • Generate, store and print Calibration Reports, Declarations of Conformity and Certificates

    Streamline Quality Processes with Qity iQMS

    When combined with Qity iQMS, our MES provides unmatched traceability and regulatory compliance.

    Manage your Equipment, BoM and Device History Records.

    Release documents and artifacts through 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Document Control, Change Control and Training Management.

    Monitor processes, manage risks, and keep track of Nonconformities and CAPA's.

  • Our Solution

    MES Workstation

    The intuitive, industrial-grade touchscreen enforces adherence to step-by-step digital work instructions and minimzes human error by validating manual data entry.

    MES Server

    The robust data server meets the latest security standards, provides resilience against internet connection loss and ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of manufacturing data.

    Customizable Dashboard

    Monitor assemblies, units and lots in real-time as they move through the production line.

    Monitor performance metrics to optimize your manufacturing processes and boost efficiency.

    System Integration

    Streamline your quality processes and achieve ISO 13485 compliance by integrating with Qity iQMS.


    Custom integrations can easily be implemented thanks to our powerful REST APIs and modular architecture.